Business boundaries are gradually disappearing. Retailers are entering the banking business, utilities are becoming goods providers, and banks are increasingly leveraging data to advise and address emerging customer needs.
Technology and regulatory waves (Psd2, Gdpr, etc.), are creating new players in the financial services market such as fintechs and peer-to-peer lenders as well as new ecosystems.
The ability to adjust to changing environments will become key. This will involve:

  •  Continuous definition/redefinition of tomorrow's business model such as where to compete, which industries to serve and which supply chains
  •  Intelligent clustering of clients to better understand the different needs of the digital customer of tomorrow
  •  Enabling customers to better serve their clients
  • Identifying new connections within supply chains

These business imperatives are embedded in the CRIF operating model, which makes CRIF never renounce to an invaluable and differentiated market face, as well as an empowered organization for delivery, relying on:

  • Continuous innovation in building new offerings and simplifying internal processes along a journey of unique and distinctive value proposition. The proposition’s recognition goes beyond the usual stakeholders, positively affecting the whole marketplace and system
  • Open collaboration, synergizing internal and external capabilities to support an ecosystem play both to improve demand capture as well as facilitate time to supply
  • Smart use of leading-edge technology in order to anticipate and create the latest wave to serve each customer according to service usage (digital and right-it) and payment (digital and per real use) preferences

CRIF Transformation Services

Leveraging more than 30 years of business with financial companies, insurances, utilities
and telcos, CRIF supports clients in addressing their transformation challenges and
winning in the new competitive environment, through:

  • The in-depth knowledge of the industry and business domain, to better evolve the entire value chain as well as to enable cross-industry synergies
  • A powerful capability to analyze and predict the next level of value proposition thanks to innovative analytics techniques such as advanced analytics, machine learning, artificial intelligence
  • Innovation, methodologies in a box, and ready-to-use solutions also as a service to reduce upfront investments and accelerate time to market

The risk management dna of CRIF, built through decades of support to financial institutions in managing credit risk and regulation, ensures sustainability of credit growth strategies while addressing the impact and opportunities of new rules.


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