Supply Management Solution

Build Confidence in Your Suppliers’ Performance

Supplier Stability & Compliance at Minimal Cost


Do you monitor all your suppliers with background checks?

Does it take too much time and effort?


What are Supply Management Solutions™? 


Our Supplier Management Solutions™ will proactively certify, monitor and analyze your supplier base, so that you can mitigate any risks of supplier disruption to your business.

It is a systematic and ongoing risk management program that helps provide stability to your business by gathering important information on your new suppliers, and maintaining valid information on your existing suppliers. More importantly, it aggregates and evaluates these information on your behalf with sharp predictive insight so that you can make the best decisions to protect your supply chain


Business Information Report (BIR) 


Expand your business globally with trusted D&B® information

BIR provides a snapshot of the current situation of a company including its operations, financial performance, and updated news.

BIR contains up-to-date information collected from various data sources and a translation into a clear risk assessment

  • Risk assessment of new and existing international relationships
  • Verification of business existence, size and scope
  • Background review of owners and key employees
  • Review of company financial statements
  • D&B Rating (including Financial Strength Score and Risk Indicator): based on an advanced statistical model, companies are analyzed and classified according to their risk
  • Selection between Standard and Comprehensive Reports with up-to-5-year financial reports.
  • Self-assessment with our customized BIR. Our Self-BIR with Credit Limit suggestion can also be used as a supporting document in bidding proposal with global customers


Supplier Information Report (SIR) And Compliance Process


Meet Compliance Goals and Accelerate Growth

SIR provides a snapshot of the current situation of your suppliers including their operations, financial performance, and updated news.

SIR helps you to assess suppliers and third parties, proactively and systematically, using advanced analytics, transforms information into insights that enable you to make smarter, more strategic decisions.

  • Regularly monitor performance risk of existing suppliers and accelerate due diligence when onboarding new suppliers
  • Determine the amount of credit to extend to partners and vendors
  • Mitigate potential business disruptions with straightforward Risk Indicator, Supplier Evaluation Indicator and explanations.


Why is Supplier Lifecycle Management so important?


The risks of supplier failure are commonplace and have become too great to ignore, such as financial bankruptcy, quality issues, illegal practices, incompetent management and regulatory compliance. As supply chains become leaner and lead time for market delivery becomes shorter, there is a greater dependency on suppliers.

If suppliers are not managed accordingly, they can cause operational costs to rise, sales and profit to fall, and even damage business reputation and survival in some cases. This is especially so as the cost of implementing Supplier Lifecycle Management Program is negligible compared to the potential loss.

Most importantly, it is to give you peace of mind so that you can focus your time and effort on growing the business!


How can you benefit from it?


Being a participant of our Supply Lifecycle Management Program will save you a lot of cost, time, workload and risks:

  • There is no joining fee. You just need to get your suppliers to register themselves with D&B as part of this program.
  • We will do the data gathering, certification, verification and analysis work for all your suppliers. This will free up your time from this manual process.
  • Standardize all your suppliers with the universal D-U-N-S® Number and D-U-N-S® Registered™ seal for easier monitoring, and to fulfill your corporate requirement for compliance.
  • Free access to D&B Supplier Portfolio Manager, the state-of-the-art analytical tool to help you manage supplier risks for the first year.
  • Free access to D&B Supplier Information Reports with the relevant D&B rating for each of your supplier, and vendor evaluation done fairly without bias.


How can your suppliers benefit?


Benefits for providers:

  • Instantly becoming part of a globally recognized vendor directory with the D-U-N-S® Number that is seen and used by buyers worldwide.
  • Having a D-U-N-S® Registered ™ number enhances the reputation of a supplier, with the respective company profile and logo listed in D&B's global business directory.
  • Possessing three (3) copies of the "D&B Supplier Information Report" with information that is important and useful to the business of the business.


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